Visiting Spain: Pros and Cons of Train Travel

Spanish train

Visiting Spain: Pros and Cons of Train Travel

The trains in Spain are fast, efficient and quite cheap. However, it is important that you do not everything for granted.

There are several routes which are not served well & also the coverage is not efficient at several locations. You can’t expect everything here to be quick and cheap every time while travelling by train. Your planning must involve looking and going through the whole timetable as well as various routes of the trains in the country. Different portals & websites can cater to your requirements.

Undoubtedly, travelling by train is likely to be more reasonable as opposed to the long-distance travel in other countries. The fact is, charges of train travel here are almost half the cost of that in France or Germany. Sometimes, train travel in the country can be very luxurious as well, particularly if you are visiting La Robla train tour. Luxury train packages from Bilbao to Leon are offered as well.

Train travel in Spain also takes very little time, particularly at the Madrid-Barcelona AVE and Madrid- Seville Road. Inter rail passes and Eurail also makes travel cheaper in Spain. There are large numbers of discounts that are offered by these trains and the facilities they offer are also excellent. But, you need to be wise when making your choice.

Also, train travel in Spain takes very little time, especially at Madrid Seville Road and Madrid Barcelona AVE.

Eurail and inter-rail passes also help make travel inexpensive in the country. There are several discounts which are offered by the trains here and the facilities which they offer are excellent. However, you need to be wise when making your choice. The ticket reservation facility is easier as compared to reserving a bus. There’s just one main company which caters to various services. You don’t need to keep on searching the services. Also, trains are facilitated with lavatory facilities as opposed to buses.

You can also use the interactive map which includes all the train-routes in the country, particularly that of rail in Europe. You are also offered cheap rail passes in the entire continent. There are maps for majority of train routes in the Europe. Commuting by train also has a few disadvantages in Spain. Sometimes, these tickets may be expensive and travel might also be not that fast always. At times, you will also need to pay additional amount. Most times, you also don’t get direct routes and hence you end up wasting most of your time. Sometimes it also gets tough for you to pick the right service. Even though there are a number of services, however the scenario might get a bit confusing. The situation is difficult towards the eastern and northern parts of the country. A good study and price comparison of all the routes can help make train travel suitable to you.

Renfe Spain Pass | Travel around Spain by train

RENFE SPAIN PASS: Esta es la manera más cómoda y divertida para que los extranjeros puedan viajar por España y ver lo máximo posible en poco tiempo.

A través de su web puedes reservar pases de 4-6-8-10-12 viajes y utilizarlo en 1 mes y viajar en clase Club o Turista.

Además Renfe Spain Pass te permite viajar en el tren de alta velocidad AVE con una mayor flexibilidad y de forma más económica

Este tipo de pase es una opción ideal para aquellos viajeros que no tengan un itinerario cerrado y que disfruten improvisando, ya que, en el período de un mes, pueden coger el tren cuando quieran y desde donde quieran, sin necesidad de reservar billetes con antelación

Además la rede de transporte ciudades AVE hace que llegues a los sitios muy rápido gracias a sus trenes de alta velocidad. Además son tan cómodos que ni te enterarás.

Atravesar España con el Renfe Spain Pass es dar un paseo por su historia, y descubrir las raíces que las influencias de los diferentes pueblos que han pasado por la Península han dejado desde sus áreas más montañosa hasta sus mares. Arte, tradiciones, literatural dialectos, costumbres, gastronomía y hasta trajes regionales serán algunas de las riquezas que podrás observar en tu viaje.

Una de los aspectos que al viajero sorprenderá en su trayecto por el país es ese contraste de parajes que podrá ir observando desde su ventanilla en apenas kilómetros. Desde las largas planicies de Castilla, hasta las más bellas áreas montañosas, sin olvidar la tan aclamada zona costera que recoge cada año millones de turistas

Sucríbete si te Mola VIAJAR!!!!!

Hemos dado la vuelta a españa en tren durante 8 días para grabar un video promocionando el SPAINPASS un servicio para que los extranjeros puedan recorrer España de forma rápida y barata, gracias a este viaje vamos a sacar una serie de videos y post en nuestro canal y web, aqui dejamos la programacion final.

Videos ciudades cada domingo a las 20:00 en

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13 Julio: Zaragoza
20 Julio: Barcelona
27 Julio: Valencia
3 Agosto:: Cordoba
10 Agosto: Sevilla
17 Agosto: Valladolid
24 Agosto: Madrid
31 Agosto: Toledo

Post de las ciudades cada martes en

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2 Septiembre: Toledo


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RENFE SPAIN PASS This is the most comfortable and fun way for foreigners to travel around Spain and see the most of it in a short period of time.
You can book your pass on the RENFE website for 4,6,8,10 and even 12 trips and use it within a month on tourist or preference class.
This type of pass is a great option for travelers who do not have a fixed path and enjoy improvising as they go. You can take any train whenever and from wherever you want, without having to book tickets in advance.
Travelling between cities on the Ave Network guarantees that you will reach your destination faster thanks to the high speed trains which also have greater flexibility and allow you to travel on the cheapest fare.
All these together with the possibility of getting off in the center of each city and start your sightseeing without delay.
Thanks to RENFE SPAIN PASS you get additional benefits visiting tourist attractions in AVE cities, as well as discounts and freebies for various tourist products and services. And if you're traveling with the family, many cities offer you a lot of activities for kids allowing them to develop and enjoy something different.
Enjoy the colorful parties, food and lifestyle of Southern Spain! Fall in love with its culture, places and people.
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