Some Basic Food Tips for Spain

Spanish breakfast is called Desayuno

Some basic food tips for Spain

As well As as being famous for its three hundred plus days per year of sunshine and

fabulous beaches up and down the country, another thing Spain is famous for is

its wonderful food. Of course tapas originated in Spain but there is far more to

Spanish food than just tapas.

Andalucía is a region that is renowned for its tasty food due to the influences

of the Arabs and Jews over the centuries, especially the Arabs who introduced

many of the spices used in modern European cuisine today.

Meal times in Spain are more than just a necessity; they are a focal point for

families or friends to get together.

Meals in Spain are separated into three distinct categories, the same as in most


Spanish breakfast is called Desayuno
Spanish breakfast is called Desayuno

Breakfast is known as desayuno in Spain and may comprise of sweet or savoury

items or even both. Do not be surprised to see garlic on a breakfast table as

toast rubbed with raw garlic, sprinkled with olive oil and salt, spread with

tomato pulp and topped with Serrano ham and cheese is an extremely popular way to

start the day.

Another popular local breakfast is to have a type of set cheese called queso

fresco with slabs of quince jelly (known as membrillo dulce).

Lunch is called almuerzo and can be a main meal or a snack although most Spanish

will have three courses. Look out for cafes and restaurants offering something

called ‘menu del dia’ which translates to menu of the day. It will comprise of a

choice of starters, main courses and desserts or coffee, usually with a soft

drink or beer included too. These menus are normally very good value for money

and very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Dinner is called cena and is eaten later by the Spanish as many work until eight,

nine or ten due to their two hour siesta. Again this meal cam comprise of three

courses and include anything from rice dishes, stews, meat or fish.
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