Foods From Spain

Foods from Spain Expect extra virgin olive oils, chic peas and lentils, cheese and wine. Expect parsley and rice almonds, loads of garlic and onions, saffron and cinnamon, and fresh fruit. Expect very fresh fish and seafood, game and cured hams, sausages and fresh breads, beef and chorizo. Now add to that a dash of […]

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Spanish train

Visiting Spain: Pros and Cons of Train Travel

Visiting Spain: Pros and Cons of Train Travel The trains in Spain are fast, efficient and quite cheap. However, it is important that you do not everything for granted. There are several routes which are not served well & also the coverage is not efficient at several locations. You can’t expect everything here to be […]

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Camping in Spain

Tips for Camping in Spain

Spain Travel: Tips for Camping in Spain In Spain, camping can be a lot of fun and if you are aware of the safety measures, there is hardly anything that could go wrong your trip & it’d be a journey which would be embedded deep in your memory for the rest of your life. You […]

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Bacalao is a tasty cod dish

Tasty Spanish Food

  Spain is a wonderful country to visit for different reasons and these reasons include the great climate of the country, variety of cultural heritage and activities, wonderful and helpful residents and most importantly the delicious food. There is much to write about the Spanish food but the main reasons for the popularity of the […]

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Spanish breakfast is called Desayuno

Some Basic Food Tips for Spain

Some basic food tips for Spain As well As as being famous for its three hundred plus days per year of sunshine and fabulous beaches up and down the country, another thing Spain is famous for is its wonderful food. Of course tapas originated in Spain but there is far more to Spanish food than […]

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